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I Need To Go Within Awhile

The original version of this poem is published in the Canberra Christian Writers’ anthology 2021– See Links

This version is published in my book Orisons- Soulful Reflections

I need to go within awhile, so please, don’t be offended
If, while I go within awhile, your needs are unattended
I need to tend my inner self, where the true me resides
I’m needing some quiet solitude, to recharge, and revive
This is not a selfish act, I care, and love you still
But unless I go within awhile, I fear I’ll come to ill.
I need to let God’s Spirit blow away and clear
The clutter and the debris of the lies that feed my fear
So, pray for me, while I am gone, that God will help me grow
And let the Holy Spirit always gently flow
The blessings of the Spirit, be open to receive
So I may come back to myself, never more to leave.

1 thought on “I Need To Go Within Awhile”

  1. I love the thought that as humans we are not in control over our own lives or being. Though I personally may not use words like ‘God’ or ‘Holy Spirit’, this poem’s message rings universal and that the author recognises how fragile we are and in need of higher perspective.

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