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The Light Giver

(Original version published in the 2020 Poetry Marathon Anthology)

In a deep, dark tunnel I found myself
The proverbial canary in the mineshaft
From a place of light above ground
That had become gradually greyer,
Darker, and more menacing
Day by day
There was a heavy, crushing weight on me
That pinned me to the ground
Pressing continuously on me
Making every breath a battle
Of mind and heart and my badly bruised spirit
It was a pit of despairing
A cold, wet, lonely place
Where I thought no-one could, or would
Come looking for me,
Let alone seek to rescue me
A light shone, dimly at first,
From an unknown source
Just as I felt I could hold on no longer
It seemed to come from the tunnel before me
Until it was dazzling
Brightness sparkled off diamonds embedded in the rocks
And I gasped with awe
as the weight that had held me down
Seemed to disappear
The light was the One
Who brought warmth
For my shaking, numbed body,
My mind, and heart
Infusing me with the joy of loving,
of caring, of gentleness.
Until at last I could rejoice
In the awesomeness of life.

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